About Us

Our Team

Reliance Spray Mask Co. is West Michigan's leading and cost effective custom machine shop, with capabilities extending beyond spray masks and spray shields. For over 60 years, our employees have worked to build longstanding relationships with our customers by supplying them with the highest quality products.

Our History

1964 - Founding

Reliance Spray Mask Company founded by Leon Phelps, Earl Blanch, and Dick Rookstra (not pictured).

1965 - Original Location

Producing spray paint masks, fixtures, and spray paint machines at 1236 Judd St., Grand Rapids, MI.

1974 - Relocation

Moved from 1236 Judd St. in downtown Grand Rapids to 3117 Peachridge in Walker, MI.

1976 - Product Diversification

Started producing hydraulic hose reels for Jet Products to use on fork trucks.

1981 - Ownership Change

Reliance taken over by Timothy Blanch upon the death of Earl Blanch.

2004 - Address Change

With the creation of Blanch Industrial Park LLC the address changed to 2825 Northridge Dr.

1954 - Founding

Central Industrial founded by Bob Kingwill, Martin Byl and Ralph Adams. Original Location in the 1200 block of East Fulton in Grand Rapids, MI.

1964 - Relocation

Moved to 1246 Scribner in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

1975 - Ownership Change

Central Industrial purchased by Larry Larsen.

1981 - Relocation

Moved from 1246 Scribner in downtown Grand Rapids to 2916 Walkent in Walker.

1983 - Product Diversification

Started supplying a seat belt retrofit kit for Clark fork trucks.

1983 - Direct Supply

Supplying parts directly to production out of a crib located within the Clerk plant in Lexington, KY as Central Industrial Supply Division.

2006 - Consolidation

After selling off the Central Industrial Supply Division, the company consolidated back in Michigan.

2017 Acquisition of CiP by RSM